Dinesh Gupta’s “Meri Aankhon Mein Mohbbat Ke Manjar Hain”: A different debut.

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Dinesh PicThe world either will call you a madman or a genius if you try what the world is not used to see. Dinesh Gupta, too, has tried to break the mould of engineer-cum-writers and debuted with a Hindi poetry collection “Meri Aankhon Mein Mohbbat Ke Manjar Hain”. The book has two aspects of love: love for your beloved and love for the country.

He has tried to bring a new life to the Hindi poetry and the poems as well as shayri are well written. The first three editions of the book have been sold. He has already published his poems in various poem collections as well.

He is from a small town in M.P. and is a computer engineer who is currently working in Amdocs. When asked how the combination of an engineer and a poet worked, he said, “He is an engineer by profession and a poet by passion.” This is very much evident form his book and how the poetry flows from his pen.

The book not only contains poems and shayris but it also has articles on various topics like love, dreams, India against corruption and other such topics. He has beautifully amalgamated both the topics of romance and patriotism and debuted with much power packed book.

Although he has a keen interest in writing about love and bravery but looking at the plight of his fellow countrymen, he decided to write about the turmoil our country is going through. The poems of corruption and patriotism have appealed to the readers. The poems have been appreciated by both the members of the publishing industry and also the readers.

Dinesh Gupta is a ray of hope for people who either love to write Hindi poetry or love to read it. He has chosen a different road and it has paid off for him. His book is available on all the major online book selling portals and also in bookstores.Dinesh Book



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